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B&B Italia has recently reintroduced a 70’s favorite; The Cameleonda sofa design by Mario Bellini. This is the sofa you’re seeing everywhere on Instagram!

Projects Contemporary Furniture

Our design team strives to seamlessly integrate kitchen and living spaces by concealing visual clutter. We employ a strategy of “whole home” cohesiveness, carrying stylistically compatible elements and luxury finishes throughout an entire space.

What are some trends you are seeing?

We are seeing design elements from the 1970s reintroduced in a fresh way. Colors are vivid and in a warm palette of rust, golds, oranges and olive greens. We are selecting rich textures such as corduroy and chenille for our upholstered pieces. Metal accent choices are far-ranging in black, gold and bronze tones.

B&B Italia has recently reintroduced a ‘70s favorite: the Camaleonda sofa design by Mario Bellini. Yes, this is the sofa you’re seeing everywhere on Instagram! The Camaleonda goes back half a century, to 1972. That year, the Museum of Modern Art invited 12 Italian designers to participate in a new exhibition, “Italy: The New Domestic Landscape.” It’s there Bellini debuted his fantastic creation in front of New York’s art and aesthetic elite.

B&B Italia produced it for only five years, but its legend lived on. Over the next decades, it became a sought-after collectors’ item. B&B Italia updated the sofa to be more comfortable than the original version, and many new fabric options are available. Come check it out for yourself at our showroom!

What are you most excited about in your industry?

Because people are spending more time at home and have an acute awareness of diet and health, the kitchen is becoming an important space for our clients. With open sight lines, the kitchen must perform at the highest level and have the beauty and warmth of fine furniture. Our design team strives to seamlessly integrate kitchen and living spaces by concealing visual clutter.  We employ a strategy of “whole home” cohesiveness, carrying stylistically compatible elements and luxury finishes throughout an entire space.

What is something you love to implement in your projects but may be overlooked?

No longer are outdoor spaces an afterthought! Expansive indoor and outdoor spaces, formerly only for those in year-round sunny locales, are now in the Midwest. We now design outdoor living spaces complete with furniture that would look just as good indoors. We use high-performance fabrics that don’t appear as outdoor textiles. Porcelain marble slabs make up scratch- and weather-resistant outdoor dining table tops. Outdoor areas are completed with finishing touches including rugs, lighting and fire and water features.

How can I make my design, remodel, build or landscape stand out?

The Projects design team uses resources from global design brands, as well as small European artisan producers to curate a bespoke look for each individual client. Our products are endlessly customizable, so no two projects look the same.

We continue to expand and improve our 3D design presentations, which allow us to create an interactive visualization of our design concepts. This technology allows our team to explore space planning, color and design selections in real time. Consultations can include a virtual fly-around of a space, where options can be reviewed with our client at our side.

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