Music to Dine by: Favorite Restaurant Playlists

Pat Hart, general manager of the New Northwestern, said Amy Winehouse is the artist who defines the mood of the restaurant. Photo: Duane Tinkey.

By Karla Walsh

While creating an outstanding menu is understandably the main focus of restaurateurs, dining out is actually one of the most multisensory treats we can experience. Lighting, comfortable seating and lovely aromas are all a part of the vibe, as is the soundtrack.

“Music affects our mood and therefore the dining experience,” says Matt Jones, manager of Eatery A. “The guests give us feedback from time to time as well.”

Recently delighted by several restaurant mixes across the metro, I tapped three favorite spots to get the story behind the music. Each venue was kind enough to share so you can stream at home—until you can get back to enjoy another meal.

Eatery A
Americana, Modest Mouse radio, Radiohead, Justin Timberlake and more, depending on the night and the staff’s mood, according to Jones.
Artist that personifies the mood at Eatery A:
Tune in here.

The New Northwestern
Jazzy, funky and upbeat tunes old (Tony Bennett, Whitney Houston) and new (Janelle Monáe, Orville Peck, Robyn), says general manager Pat Hart.
Artist that personifies the mood at the New Northwestern:
Amy Winehouse.
Tune in here.

Fun, vacationy, jazzy and laid-back beats to accentuate the intimate dining room atmosphere. Expect Dave Brubeck, Harry Connick Jr. and others, with a pinch of Rat Pack, reports owner Tony Lemmo.
Artist that personifies the mood at Aposto: 
Ella Fitzgerald.
Tune in here.

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