Plant-Based Fare With Asian Flair From Sivid

The Thai Buddha bowls from Sivid include leafy greens, spiced chickpeas, quinoa and other vegetables for a healthy and protein-packed meal.

Writer: Karla Walsh

Americans’ health—both mental and physical—received a one-two punch during the pandemic. “A lot changed all at once,” Jen Baccam says. “I noticed stress-related changes in others as well, and I felt as if I needed to do something to [help] support the community.”

So to support her own well-being after noticing a pattern in her family’s medical history, including several cancer-related deaths in recent years, Baccam began experimenting with more plant-based recipes at home. Each time she shared them with even “the most devout meat eaters,” they piled on positive feedback. “I became hooked! I [asked] myself, ‘Maybe I can make a difference?’ ” she recalls.

Enter Sivid, a pre-order food brand she launched in spring 2020. Sivid means “life” in Tai Dam, a Laotian and Thai language, and so many of the dishes Baccam creates for her weekly rotating menu are inspired by her own life.

“My grandma passed away last year from stomach cancer. She was the only grandparent I had left; she was 96 and full of life,” Baccam says. “Vegetables were always the highlight of her dishes.”

If you haven’t ordered anything from Sivid yet, Baccam recommends starting with the Thai Buddha bowl, which includes spinach, spiced chickpeas, roasted vegetables, quinoa, vegan peanut dressing and cilantro. It’s “a rock star dish,” she says. “It fills you up and you’ll feel great afterwards.” Other recent fan favorites include Brussels sprouts with tamarind and miso aioli and Buffalo Jackfruit Alfredo. (Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that’s seasoned, sauced-up and used as a substitute for shredded meat in this and many vegan recipes.)

Interested in sampling Sivid? Order online by Sunday for pick up on Tuesday at the Mickle Center (1620 Pleasant St.). Or if you’d prefer delivery, you can tack that onto your order, and for $10, Tasks by Taylor will bring your week’s menu to your door.

See menu sneak peeks and more about Baccam on Instagram @foodbysivid and by visiting

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