Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Ale Vidal Soler, Katie Holtzworth, Linda Flynn, Bianca Rowland, Deniz Franke

Host: Oakridge Neighborhood

Date: April 24

Venue: The Tea Room

Main Attraction: Guests donned their finest feathers and pearls to enjoy brunch and a fashion show, which featured models from Oak Academy Early Learning and Preschool wearing the latest from Jane’s Family Shop and Aimée. Other highlights: a Tiffany & Co. raffle and Mark Prichard on the piano.

Photography: Christopher Maharry

Sarabeth Anderson, Heather Wince, Maria LaFrance

Hal Wilson, Faith Elder

Margo Nahas, Marcia Wanamaker

Teree Caldwell-Johnson

Molly Lopez, Kathryn Kunert

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