Discover Diverse Des Moines

Maria Corona, Teresa Zilk, Dawn Martinez Oropeza

Host: dsm magazine

Date: May 17

Venue: Des Moines Heritage Center

Main Attraction: Abena Sankofa Imhotep moderated a talk-show-style panel where seven community leaders—Michael Egel, Jen Carruthers, Tej Dhawan, Kate Hightshoe, Tiffany Johnson, Tar Macias and Daniel Van Sant—shared their favorite places to experience our city’s rich diversity, including restaurants, parks, cultural spots and more. Bonus: The dynamic Isiserettes performed for the crowd of about 250 people.

Photography: Duane Tinkey

Mike Swesey, Abena Sankofa Imhotep, Daniel Van Sant

Michael Egel, Tiffany Johnson

Joseph Jones

Stacy and Christopher McDonald

Kate Hightshoe

Tar Macias, Claudia Schabel 

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