A Letter from Hy-Vee

To Our Customers and Communities: 

It’s estimated that more than 53 million people in the U.S. turned to food banks, food pantries and meal programs for help over the past year — including many of our fellow Iowans. According to Feeding America, one in 6 individuals across our nation face food insecurity, which is why — now more than ever before — we must work together to end it. 

Through the amazing work of our more than 90,000 employees, alongside our customers, suppliers and partnering organizations, Hy-Vee continues to take steps to help those who are food insecure. Whether it be through our store donations of product, our corporate donations of funds, our volunteer efforts with local food banks or our food waste diversion programs, we are making a difference. This past year at Hy-Vee, we provided more than 20 million meals to people in need through our Hy-Vee One Step program. However, we alone cannot eliminate hunger. 

It is our hope that by once again serving as the presenting sponsor of Business Publications Corporation’s “Iowa Stops Hunger” initiative, we can use our resources to encourage others to join the fight to stop hunger. And the best way to do that is to donate food, funds or time. 

It truly starts with education, and that’s why we are so passionate to support the Iowa Stops Hunger effort. We sincerely appreciate those who have come alongside us in this important fight against hunger and we hope others are inspired to help by the stories that follow. 

Together, we can make an enormous impact. 

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