Broadlawns Golf Outing

Teeing off at Echo Valley 

Drivers and irons in hand, 193 golfers at the 32nd annual Broadlawns Golf Outing played the green to raise the green for the BROADLAWNS MEDICAL CENTER FOUNDATION. Held on June 27 at Echo Valley Country Club in Norwalk, the event raised over $120,000 to support Broadlawns Social Services. Attendees were treated to breakfast, lunch, contests and hole-in-one prizes. One lucky shot took home a luxury vehicle lease from Willis Automotive and $50,000 cash from the Foster Group. Photographer: Faye Frein.

Renee Hardman, Andy McGuire 

Jonna Kirke, Ann Sullivan, Nel Duwelius, Tyson Sonnenfelt 

Daniel Brookhart, Gage Thompson, William Brookhart, Alex Ferguson 

Hurl Beechum, Will Brown, Andre Allen, Josh Terrell

Anthony B. Coleman, Michael Coppola 

Tom DePrenger, Jayme Crawford, Larry Beaty, Jackie Kleppe 

Emily Webb, Toshia Burrell 

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