Travel Insurance a Must for Your Next Adventure

By Steve Dinnen

CFAR. Don’t leave home without it. This is travel insurance, the “Cancel For Any Reason” variety. Given the upheaval possibilities presented by weather, airline meltdowns, civil unrest and a rolling pandemic, it’s wise to consider such coverage before your next journey starts. And it doesn’t have to be a far-off adventure, as we have just seen with Southwest Airlines and their year-end scrubbing of 15,000 flights nationwide that stranded millions of travelers.

CFAR gives the widest range of coverage for insurance on disrupted travel. But there are dozens of variations, offering insurance for canceled or delayed flights, lost bags, disappearing hotel reservations, medical care and evacuation, and even transport of your mortal remains should things turn out badly.

Karla Urwitz, operator of BWK Travel in Des Moines, highly recommends medical coverage when traveling abroad. After all, health insurance coverage in the U.S., including Medicare, does not extend to foreign lands.

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