Getting a Global Entry pass? Good luck.

By Steve Dinnen

Global Entry is a mess. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that grants low-risk air travelers expedited clearance when they arrive in the United States has very few available times for application interviews, which are a necessary step to secure the pass. That includes airports at Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago.

If you’re trying to renew the Global Entry pass you already have, good luck. I applied to renew mine at the end of July 2022. As of today: nothing. Not a single word on what I might do to untie the knot. They say only that they are “experiencing delays” that could be six months or maybe 18.

My pass expired on Dec. 11, which happened to be my birthday. To help me “celebrate,” the government also yanked my independently issued TSA PreCheck clearance.

A CBP spokeswoman said the logjam started with COVID-related shutdowns of enrollment centers. A record influx of applications hasn’t helped.

Going forward, interview times are supposed to open by 9 a.m. local time on the first Monday of every month. So rise and shine April 3, your next chance to request an interview.

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