Toast to summer: Three drinks to refresh your week

Frothy nostalgia: Chain & Spoke’s iced Dreamsicle Latte offers a boost of energy, with sweet notes of orange and vanilla.

Writer: Hailey Allen

If you’re hip to Gen Z lingo, I am what you would call a “beverage girly.” The phrase has been popularized on TikTok and Instagram Reels, and basically means a person who is often drinking multiple beverages at once. My perfect combo is usually one for energy (coffee), one for hydration (water) and one for fun (kombucha).

Now that it’s officially summer, quite a few bars and restaurants have come out with their summer menus and, even better, their summer drinks. As a self-certified beverage girly, here are three places I’m checking out:

For energy: Iced Dreamsicle Latte
If you miss the days of ice cream trucks and bike rides around the park with your friends, I have good news: The newest cafe off Ingersoll, Chain & Spoke, released its summer menu earlier this month, and the Dreamsicle Latte is a perfect pick-me-up — from the espresso, of course, but also the nostalgic mix of orange and vanilla.

For hydration: Strawberry Punch
I’m a big fan of sparkling water all on its own, but for an extra summery kick, Secret Admirer adds strawberry and lemon to Topo Chico for a bubbly, fruity good time. A post-work refresher on their patio at sunset? There’s nothing better.

For fun: Matcha Mint Lemonade
On Sundays, Harbinger serves up their Basic Bird Korean fried chicken with a few specialty cocktails made from Korean soju, a clear colorless alcohol traditionally made from rice. The matcha mint lemonade with soju is crisp and sweet. Nothing says summer quite like freshly squeezed lemonade and crispy chicken. And if you need an excuse to go, July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day.

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