Celebrate International Coffee Day with a treat

At Horizon Line Coffee, the drink called “…What She’s Having” isn’t your average cold brew. Photo: Hailey Allen

Writer: Hailey Allen

You read that right: Your favorite bitter bean beverage gets its own internationally recognized day on Oct. 1. And honestly, there’s no better time to mark the occasion. Picture yourself on a brisk fall Sunday morning with a mug in hand and a cozy blanket à la Selena Gomez. Sure, it’s pumpkin spice latte season at Starbucks, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your coffee from local establishments.

“…What She’s Having” from Horizon Line Coffee
Not quite a cafe latte, not quite a mocktail, this floral drink offers a fun detour from your usual order. The base is a coffee concentrate infused with vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, orange peel, brown sugar and dates. They dilute it with hot water and top it off with coconut cold foam and orange zest, to add contrasting layers of temperature and flavor. My own thoughts echoed the couple sitting across from me with the same drink: “Interesting, and I can’t stop drinking it.”

Espresso martini from the New Northwestern
By now, the espresso martini has become a classic theme with plenty of variations. Here at this East Village cocktail bar, they add a splash of a Sicilian amaro known as Averna to the vodka and espresso combo, plus vanilla and cream. The result is a robust Italian-style cocktail that teeters between bitter and sweet. And it’s an especially good choice this weekend, since International Coffee Day officially started in Milan.

“Electric Avenue” from Clyde’s Fine Diner
The coffee-forward mocktail from Clyde’s is a non-alcoholic alternative for espresso martini fans who want a little less buzz. Cold brew espresso is mixed with pineapple, cinnamon, coconut cream and bitters. Wait a sec — coffee and pineapple? I thought the same thing. But trust me, it works. The tangy pineapple and bitter espresso complement each other, while the coconut cream adds a hint of a tropical beach — a coffee-colada, if you will.

“Lula” coffee liqueur from The Lift
The popular martini bar on Fourth Street is also popular for something else: its house-made coffee liqueur called Lula. Customers enjoy it on its own as a shot or mixed with something else. You can even take home your own bottle to add fun and flavor to Sunday brunch.

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