Sweet Pieces

Photos by Kathryn Gamble
Styled by Lindsay Berger
Models: Emily Wurst and James Sanigular
Hair by Giovanna Morano, ATelier/hairspace
Makeup by Jill Witte


Vintage purse ($26 at Hill Vintage & Knits in Des Moines).

Gold Lollipop necklace ($118 at Leona Ruby in Des Moines).

Ettika bracelets ($99 at True Style in West Des Moines).
Lattice laser cut acrylic cuff ($30 at Leona Ruby in Des Moines)
Bracelet ($38 at Dornink in Des Moines).

Earrings ($15 at Dornink in Des Moines).

Black corn necklace ($285 at Accenti in Des Moines).

Aquamarine, tanzanite and pink tourmaline 18-carat and 14-carat gold rings, designed and created by Ann Au ($4,900-$8,400 at 2AU Limited in West Des Moines).

Clutch purse ($70 at Dornink in Des Moines).


Photographer Kathryn Gamble and stylist Lindsay Berger, both of Des Moines, have been collaborating on fashion and lifestyle features for seven years. They’ve worked together on photo shoots for Meredith Corp., Von Maur and other companies. Gamble says the two have an uncanny ability to read each other’s minds, and Berger says that when they collaborate, “we make magic.”

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