You Can’t Go Wrong With…

Written by Belle Du Chene
Photos by Duane Tinkey


Kelli Schulz, owner of K. Renee, says an ottoman (above) is not only adaptable but also “something that can be extremely useful. It can be used as a cocktail table, footrest or even extra seating when needed. A larger ottoman can create a sense of casual elegance and relaxation, and decorative items can be placed on top for an updated variation on a traditional coffee table. If done in a cowhide or an animal print (pictured), an ottoman also can bring a wow factor to a room.”

Linda J. Johnson, owner of Interior Design Solutions Inc., Johnson favors an oversized mirror “when an interior space is large and has interesting architectural or aesthetic features. An oversized mirror positioned in a leaning position is an effective way to further enhance the dimensionality of the space. These images (above) feature a contemporary and a traditional setting, where large mirrors are used to reflect interior space.”


Patrick Van Nice, principal interior designer of Van Nice Design, relies on a console table (above) as a staple because “it can go behind a sofa or sectional that’s placed away from a wall. It also works in a hallway, alongside a stairwell wall, in an entryway or as shown here against a bedroom wall. We used a very shallow console table—only 11 inches deep—here to make it easy to walk by. There was not enough room for a dresser or a wardrobe, but the console fit perfectly next to a large wall in a high-traffic area.”

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