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The Right Note
I just read Chad Taylor’s story about women music makers in the September/October issue. I don’t know much about music, but Chad’s article made me want to know more. He has a gift.
Elin Hermann

Creative Talents
I loved the September/October issue. My friend Marisa Adamson’s ring made the cover, and I’m a huge fan and customer of The Grateful Chef, Brandy Lueders. I love seeing fabulous creatives getting well-deserved recognition.
Kim Callahan

Rethinking Mental Illness
Thank you for the thoughtful articles about mental illness in your September/October issue. Ben Easter’s photographs, too, are devastating in the best way. I am so pleased that mental health issues are garnering some
well-deserved media attention locally and nationally as of late.
Michelle Phelan

Thank you for the article about mental health. It’s a fantastic article and hits on a topic that is more important today than ever. It is crucial that our community understands how important an issue mental health is and that we continue to increase the support we have available to meet the growing demand in this area.
David Chapman

Thank you for your article highlighting mental health issues. I am a retired physician assistant specializing in psychiatry and addiction medicine. Stigma is the biggest obstacle for consumers and their families. Underlying this is the public’s lack of knowledge about these illnesses. Anything that increases mental health literacy deserves praise—especially one as well done as yours.
Barb Glass

Garden Haven
I just found the time to read the article on Judy and Craig Stark’s garden (in the September/October issue). Rita Perea did a wonderful job capturing the essence of the Starks and their beautiful property. They are two soul mates creating a heavenly destination.
Dana Woods

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