David Chivers in Detail

facts1Writer: Larry Erickson


Age in May last year when he became publisher of The Des Moines Register. The public-figure aspect of the job “has been an adjustment.” Previously, he had gigs with Josten’s, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MarketWatch and Meredith Corp.


His last vacation, which he took with with his wife, Theresa, and daughters, Carson and Julianna. Prior travels include England, Russia, East Asia, Australia and Mexico.

“Collaborate early and often.”

Words he lives by.

Guilty pleasure

“Bad action and sci-fi movies … anything with Jet Li.”


What makes him laugh.

His bliss

“Finding that balance between keeping things happening during the week and a laid-back weekend with family and books.”

Secret talent

Writing poetry, including haiku, sonnets and free verse.

Most treasured possessions

His grandfather’s pocket watch and an old Underwood typewriter.


His way of reducing stress; he’s looking forward to his first RAGBRAI.

Rupert Murdock and Steve Jobs

The most interesting people he’s met.

Gadget Guy

“I’m a complete Apple fanboy.”

His latest

An Apple Watch and iPhone 6s.


His favorite authors include Carson McCullers, Neal Stephenson, Rebecca Skloot, Carl Hiaasen, David Darling and Alan Lightman.

“Writing fiction and teaching college students.”

What he could see himself doing if not for the current job.

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