Clearly Classic

Celebrate a return to fall with stylish briefcases and retro accessories.

Above: Found treasures come to life as one-of-a-kind bracelets.
Vintage coin bracelets ($35 each, West End Salvage).

Producer and Stylist: Lacy Brunnette
Photographer: Duane Tinkey


Midcentury flair—cotton-check lining and brushed metal accents—makes these accessories stand out. 

Slimline zip briefcase by Johnston & Murphy
($450, Landmark Luggage). 

“Belmont” watch by Breda ($70, Back Country). 

“Lincoln” pen ($40) and “Bamboo Tornado” pen ($45), both by Retro1951 (Calypso 968).



Pieces salute an era with courier trade charm. 

“Original Briefcase No. 256” by Filson ($275) and shop rag ($8) (Fontenelle Supply Co.). 

Watch by Original Grain ($325, Bruce Owen Jewelry Design). 

Vintage briefcase ($35, Calypso 968).



An assortment of items to fill your back pocket. 

Vintage pocket watch ($30, Calypso 968). 

“The Hook” by James ($30, Fontenelle Supply Co.). 

Palomino Blackwing pencil and Field Notes Originals notebook ($10 for 3-pack, Domestica). 

Notebook case by Fontenelle Supply Co. ($135).



Create a look that’s both classic and kicky. 

“Partners Brief” by Bosca ($745, Landmark Luggage). 

Period-inspired package for “Lincoln” pen by Retro 1951, with the slogan “Life is too short to carry an ugly pen.” ($40, Calypso 968). 

Ella Jude bracelet ($90, Accents + Interiors). 

“Moonsong” gold cuff by Jenny Bird ($85, Accents + Interiors).


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