Local Coffee News

DreibBerge Coffee is the newest addition to your local java options.

By Karla Walsh

Calling all caffeine-cravers! If you’re seeking options for java—or more earth-friendly ways to enjoy it—take note:

DreiBerge Coffee Opens in the East Village
111 E. Grand Ave.;
With cold brew and kombucha on tap, local Graze honey-sweetened beverages and baked goods, hot and iced teas, and so-smooth coffee whipped up in a Sanremo Cafe Racer (a fancy Italian coffee machine), DreiBerge (pronounced “Dry-Burg”) officially opened for business on July 2. Swing in to savor your cup in the airy, bright cafe or take it to go in one of their unique recyclable cups.

Cool Off With Frozen Coffee Treats in Ankeny
2410 S.W. White Birch Drive, Suite 100, Ankeny; outside-scoop.com
If drinking hot coffee sounds about as appealing as running over sizzling coals on a 100-degree day, get your coffee fix in frozen form. On June 20, the Outside Scoop opened its third branch—this time, near Ankeny’s booming Prairie Trail district—and can help you cool off with a
Mocha Sundae with coffee toffee ice cream, caramel sauce and homemade hot fudge. This is the local ice cream brand’s second brick-and-mortar (joining their Indianola location). They also have their food truck that pops up at events all around town.

Downtown’s Horizon Line Goes (Even More) Sustainable
1417 Walnut St, Suite B; horizonlinecoffee.com
This popular Western Gateway coffee shop is all about building community (seriously, just sit in the chairs near the door and you’ll almost always hear the staff welcoming folks in by name). And they’re about to take on a mission that will affect the community locally and globally: As of the end of July, Horizon Line will be rolling out a glass jar program that will eventually eliminate all disposable cups, sleeves and lids.

“Sustainability has always been one of our major priorities,” says co-owner Nam Ho. “While there are customers that bring their own reusable cup, with the number of products that we hand out every day, we can increase that number exponentially.”

With that in mind, they’ll be offering customers glass jars (“that will have a positive environmental impact in as little as six uses,” according to Ho) instead of paper cups if they’re taking their drink on the road. Horizon Line hopes their customers will bring the jar back next time to swap for a new, clean jar.

“However, if a customer returns without their previous jar, they will still receive a new one,” Ho says. “We understand that there will be a period of transition once we begin rolling out our jar program, but we hope that when customers see that we as a business are taking responsibility in the role that we play in creating a more sustainable environment, they too will implement small changes that make huge changes for our environment.”

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