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5 Canned Cocktails to Crack Open This Summer

First there were wine coolers. Then came spiked seltzers. Now complete pre-mixed canned cocktails are entering the scene, here to make your summer happy hours more spirited (and stress-free) than ever. Lower in alcohol than wine and most traditional cocktails—and way less work than shaking up a fresh batch of daiquiris—stock your fridge with these canned cocktails and you’ll put even more chill into your plans to chill out.

Cutwater Spirits

With possibly the most diverse canned cocktail lineup on the planet, Cutwater Spirits’ offerings range from a spiked seltzer-like grapefruit vodka soda to a boozy, pineapple-flavored rum Mai Tai that will (almost) transport you to a Hawaiian beach.

Alcohol percentage: 5%-12.5%

Available at Gateway Market, select Target and Hy-Vee locations.

Two Chicks

Go ahead, judge a book by its cover.

These ready-to-drink sparkling cocktails

come in beautiful floral cans. What lies within is even better: a refreshing summer sip with a tequila, gin, vodka or whiskey base. Pair the Citrus Margarita with your next taco night.

Alcohol percentage: 5%

Available at select Hy-Vee locations.

You & Yours

Colored with fruit and vegetable juices, these gin and vodka cocktails are made with spirits distilled on-site at the You & Yours distillery in San Diego. Crack open the Vodka Mule and enjoy with a lime; copper mug optional.

Alcohol percentage: 7.5-8%

Available at select Target locations.

Joia Spirit

Think of these like sparkling water spiked with fresh fruit juice and vodka, gin, or tequila. We might be speaking from experience when we say the Cosmopolitan pairs nicely with an old episode of “Sex and the City” on a rainy night.

Alcohol percentage: 6%-7%

Available at select Hy-Vee locations.

Slow & Low

Craving an Old Fashioned, like, now? Pop open one of these uber-boozy drinks, add a few rocks and sip slowly around the fire pit or campfire.

Alcohol percentage: 42%

Available at select Hy-Vee locations.

—Karla Walsh

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