Kitchen Spaces Allows Eateries To Thrive

A holiday treat from Schonert’s Patisserie, one of the 26 food businesses in Kitchen Spaces.

Writer: Karla Walsh

Bob Mulvihill is no newbie when it comes to owning a food business. In fact, he’s operated a food trailer for about a decade.

“I was selling food from the trailer, but I hated cooking on it,” he says. “I couldn’t make food in bulk very easily because of all the constraints of a mobile unit, like limited space, lack of a dishwasher and need for a generator for power.”

When the building at 1139 24th St. became available a few years ago, Mulvihill bought it because he owns rental properties nearby and didn’t want a noisy tenant. But he connected the dots and decided to open Kitchen Spaces in summer 2019 as a rentable shared cooking space for many different types of culinary businesses: food trucks, ghost kitchens, those just testing out a concept, or individuals who lead cooking classes or film culinary videos.

“It’s been fun watching businesses flourish and watching clients become friends and work together,” says Mulvihill, who promotes the partner brands on the Kitchen Spaces Facebook page. From established names, like barbecue legend Moe Cason, to up-and-comers, like the vegan Baked Kind, there’s something to cure every craving.

Even though there are 26 businesses operating out of Kitchen Spaces, Mulvihill says they have room for more: “We have four kitchens for rent 24 hours per day so we usually have space available,” he adds.

Here’s the impressive lineup of brands that are currently cooking at Kitchen Spaces.

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