Tuning In and Toning Up

Writer: Karla Walsh
Photographer: Duane Tinkey

As the pandemic has dragged on, more and more people are staying fit and gaining strength at home rather than working out at the gym: About 80% of Americans who exercise regularly report they’ll likely permanently break up with their gyms post-pandemic if they already haven’t done so.

With the popularity of the customizable Sweat app, the dance-focused Obé fitness, and the uber-connected Apple+ workouts, it’s clear the movement of tuning in and toning up is showing no signs of slowing. So we asked three locals what app-based workouts they love the most. (Note: These are all subscription-based.)

Christa Phillips

Christa Phillips, 38, vice president of tax operations at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, works out to Glo, a yoga and pilates app: “I like being able to search what I feel I need for each session, depending on how much time I have or what sort of movement my body needs. It’s super convenient because I can access a huge library of classes on my phone or through my Apple TV app.”

Josh Dreyer

Josh Dreyer, 39, marketing director at Willis Automotive, exercises to Hydrow: “The indoor rowing machine’s app gives you a total-body workout—and lots of sweat—in as little as 15 minutes. The live and on-demand classes are fun, too, since the instructors are actually rowing along with you from rivers across the country. It also has on-mat classes, yoga and more, so it fills all the gym gaps.”

Lauren Patrick

Lauren Patrick, 31, a dentist with University Dental Group, received a Peloton bike last year as a birthday gift: “At the time I was struggling to find balance with a new baby. Turns out working out at home has been the new norm for everyone. Peloton allows me to show up with whatever time I have to give and, more importantly, maintains the community I appreciated so much about going to a physical gym.”

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