Meet Lucas Paul

Writer: Hailey Allen
Photographer: Joelle Blanchard

Lucas Paul

Age: 24

Profession or avocation: Entrepreneur (

How would you describe your style? It’s a mixture of stuff I wanted as a kid, up-and-coming brands and local stuff. I’ll be wearing something from 15 years ago that came out when I was too young [to wear it], but now that I can, I’m going to. Sometimes everything I have on is thrifted vintage except my shoes.

Best place to thrift: There’s really never “one best place”; they can all be different on different days. It’s more about how consistently you go, and making the time and effort to search for good pieces. 

Fashion inspiration: Nigo (a Japanese fashion designer). He’s the founder of the streetwear brand Bathing Ape (known colloquially as Bape). But I also like finding inspiration in everyday people and what they wear. 

Where you shop: Stoked in East Village, but I’m biased because I have my own rack there to resell some of the vintage streetwear I find while thrifting. No Safety is [an online] brand I like based out of Iowa. 

Favorite clothing item you’ve ever bought: My Heath Kirchart Birdhouse T-shirt. It’s more than 20 years old. When they were sold, they were meant to be worn skateboarding. Plus, Heath used to own Subsect, and that local aspect makes it even cooler to me. 

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