Stay Flexible When Trying to Get Around Europe

By Steve Dinnen

I have bounced around Europe this summer a fair amount, in the process showing that if you want to get around, you have to be adaptable. First, the plane ride from Chicago to Athens. Then a ferry, to the island of Aegina. There, I rented an ATV (40 euros a day, but they’ll bargain for cash). My buddy Brad hated the smell and noise of his ATV so much he swapped it out for an e-bike that performed very nicely.

In Spain we rented a car from a discount shop, maybe half as much as Hertz. Most European cars have manual transmissions. Do not go big here; it was tough navigating my Nissan Rogue down narrow streets, and maneuvering in and out of parking garages (recommended in big cities) was downright scary.

I flew Wizz Air (honest) from Barcelona to Katowice, Poland. Everyone aboard applauded when we touched down. Then I took a crowded bus into town. The next day, a super clean, fairly comfortable train hauled me to Krakow.

Next up is France. After seeing Paris we’ll take a high-speed (200-plus mph) train to Bordeaux. If you factor in the time to get to the airport and clear security, the train actually burns up less time than a plane, and is less costly.

Last, some kayaking is due up in the Dordogne area of France. That’s not actually going anywhere, just enjoying the scenery.

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