Gusto Pizza Bar Rebrands, More Than ‘Divine Pies’

The new Gusto Pizza Bar at 2301 Ingersoll Ave. will include the classic pies you know and love, with some new additions like classic cocktails and a 40-seat bar and lounge area. Photo: Courtesy of Gusto Pizza Bar.

Writer: Karla Walsh

Known for their “divine pies” like the Soprano (pesto, chicken and balsamic) and Spartacus (Graziano sausage, banana peppers and mushrooms), Gusto Pizza Co. has had many menu staples since their first location opened on Ingersoll Ave. in 2011. But the brand has also evolved, expanding to four locations (then back to two), adding Chicago- and New York-style pies to the lineup, and experimenting with pasta and beyond.

The biggest change yet launches this week. Meet Gusto Pizza Bar, the single location that focuses all Gusto team members’ energies—and where you can now find a full-service experience and an even more dialed-in menu, promises co-owner Tony Lemmo. And you can now find them about four blocks west from that original brick-and-mortar, this time at 2301 Ingersoll Ave. (This space was previously home to Whiskey River and Teddy Maroon’s.)

“After more than a decade, we’ve learned from our mistakes, and we’ve grown as pizza enthusiasts and business owners. All of those experiences will ultimately provide an experience for our customers we never dreamed of when we first opened our doors back in 2011. Our signature ‘divine pies’ will truly be taken to the next level,” Lemmo says.

In 2019, Lemmo and his co-owners Josh Holderness and Joe McConville began dreaming of this pivot.

“We came to the conclusion that less is more,” Lemmo admits. “Consolidating our energies and passions into one store, we knew how special we could make the ‘Gustomer’ experience again.”

By joining forces in one larger location, the Gusto team is also able to make it even more of a gathering space than the original format.

“Ever since the pandemic began, we had become over 70% carryout and delivery services. The biggest reason we’re all in this business is because we love the customer interaction,” Holderness says, so they will now offer a sit-down restaurant experience. The larger dining room, patio, and private dining space along with a 40-seat bar and lounge area will allow Team Gusto to welcome even more people back “home,” too.

As for the menu, expect some completely new items like appetizers, sandwiches, baked pasta, desserts—and for the first time, cocktails.

“Plus, we determined how we can elevate our signature menu items patrons have adored for 11 years,” Lemmo reveals. “Most importantly, our new crust is a combination of our original dough and elements of New York-style we felt was a better canvas to pair with our diverse array of toppings.”

Gusto Pizza Bar is now open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, possibly later on Fridays and Saturdays. Learn more at and follow Gusto Pizza Bar on Facebook to see more of the space and sneak peeks of the expanded menu.

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