Meet Scott Bruxvoort

Name: Scott Bruxvoort 

Pronouns: he/she/they 

Age: 29 

Profession or avocation: Photographer, videographer (@Priceofahug) 

How would you describe your style? Eclectic. 

Style icons or inspiration: Liu Haoran (a Chinese actor), Virgil Abloh (a late Louis Vuitton designer) and Josh Ryuju (a Denver-based clothing designer). 

Where you shop: Online luxury brand GOAT, Zara, Polo, Doc Martens, Levi’s and thrift stores. 

The piece of clothing or accessory you couldn’t live without: Shoes and piercings. 

Any fashion regrets? Urban Outfitters. 

Favorite clothing item you’ve ever bought: OG Jordan Bugs Bunny 8s.

Photographer: Joelle Blanchard
Writer: Hailey Allen

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