5 Restaurant Egg Dishes Worth Trying

The fall grain bowl at Clyde’s includes two halves of a picture-perfect soft-boiled egg. The vegetarian dish is also packed with protein.

Writer: Karla Walsh

When I was growing up as a ’90s kid in eastern Iowa, the only time eggs made an appearance on the menu was when they were served with cinnamon rolls as part of weekend brunch or perhaps in the random picnic egg salad.

But as I’ve grown, my love of all things egg-adorned has grown, right on pace with even more selections for egg recipes to whip up at home or order at restaurants. Ever since moving to Des Moines 10 years ago, I’ve been on a quest to eat as many different egg dishes as possible. Spanning the globe and featured as part of every meal of the day, including dessert, the following menu items are notable highlights that might help you reimagine what an “egg dish” can be.

I’m a firm believer that a runny or jammy egg yolk might just be the world’s best condiment. Clyde’s Fine Diner’s Fall Grain Bowl showcases this concept at work. Atop a bed of farro, millet, roasted butternut squash, roasted oyster mushrooms, spinach, toasted walnuts and wine plumped raisins, you’ll find a jammy egg ready for swirling into the apple curry vinaigrette-tossed goodies below.


Take a break from marinara and try Eatery A’s #12 Pizza, which comes with a layer of white sauce, sauteed mushrooms and truffle oil. As the crust crisps to golden brown in the wood-fired oven, the cooks crack an egg in the center of the pie so it can cook to a saucy medium.


You’ve probably savored eggs scrambled into fried rice. But have you slurped up Lucky Lotus’ Soy Sauce Street Noodles? Cooked quickly over high heat in a wok, this entree includes chewy wheat noodles, stir-fried eggs, onions, broccoli, carrots and Lucky Lotus’ in-house sweet soy sauce.


Wake up your morning egg routine with El Fogon’s Huevos Divorciados. Available any time of day, this plate fits its moniker of “divorced eggs” since the two over easy eggs are separated by rice, beans and queso fresco, and come with three homemade corn tortillas on the side. To really drive home the divorce, one egg comes covered in salsa verde and the other scores a scoop of salsa roja.

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