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Tell us about Dr. Robert Sieman’s impact
Dr. Robert Sieman was not a man alone on a mission to help others, his wife, Loretta, was an instrumental part of his life and philosophy within the New Leaf family. Loretta and the team at New Leaf continue to showcase his legacy of his philosophy of simple care and love of others, which mirrored the love he and Loretta shared. His impact was delivered the old-fashioned way: Person to person over decades of living a quality and connected life among those he treated, knew and impacted.

The Legacy Continues
The Dr. Robert Sieman Medical Arts Center is a memorial to recognize and honor Dr. Sieman as well as his genuine care of the health and well-being of others. Our hope is that the Center will serve as a reminder to the standard Dr. Sieman has established and that our medical community can continue to learn from and emulate.

The future of New Leaf
The future of New Leaf remains the same as its beginnings: New Leaf was started with the approach of “patient first” and Dr. Sieman defined what that means and set the bar high for future providers to live up to that standard. As we look ahead to the future of New Leaf, we will continue to honor Dr. Sieman by providing excellent healthcare and improving people’s lives.

Please join us for the Dr. Robert Sieman Medical Arts Center Memorial on July 27, 2023.

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