Iowans vacation in state — or way out

By Steve Dinnen

The award for this summer’s closest vacation may go to Travis Rychnovsky from the Foster Group, who’s pretty much spending all his free time poolside at Des Moines Golf and Country Club. “Our 10-year-old is an avid swimmer with many meets throughout the summer, mostly here in Des Moines area,” he said. “That keeps us pretty close to home.”

But they’re still managing to get out and about. Like many Iowans, they’re doing some shorter trips, including a weekend or two at Clear Lake and a jaunt to St. Louis.

At the other end of the spectrum — and the world — is Rychnovsky’s co-worker Reed Rinderknecht and his new bride, Katie Graham, who are honeymooning in Bora Bora.

“I went scuba diving with blacktip reef sharks, and we took a catamaran for half a day,” he said. Otherwise, the newlyweds are simply taking a break from the rest of the world. They’re foodies and love to find great restaurants, which is easy to do in French Polynesia.

Rinderknecht didn’t mention any plans to travel once they return to Iowa, but he’s a licensed pilot with his own airplane. He and his wife sometimes fly to Waterloo to have dinner with her mother. Total flight time: 28 minutes.

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