Steam up Dry January with these hot drinks

Take a whiff of your new favorite drink, a revitalizing cup of hot ginger tea.

If you’re skipping booze this month, good for you. And if you’d like to take Dry January to the next level, well, feel free to celebrate something we’re calling “Hot Dry January.” Here are a few hot alternatives to coffee that can perk up a chilly morning or pull you through a dreary afternoon — basically, all the times you’re not eating soup. Cheers!

Under the Weather. This concoction at Scenic Route Bakery is a good option even when you’re feeling shipshape. (Is anyone ever “above” the weather?) It’s a just-right balance of chamomile tea, apple cider, cinnamon and honey, tastier than straight-up chamomile but still not too sweet. — Michael Morain

Chagaccino Latte. Sure, the caffeine in your regular morning brew helps you wake up, but this specialty latte at Northern Vessel is made with chaga mushroom powder to help you (and your brain) function better. Chaga mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, and some studies suggest the adaptogenic plant can boost your immune system, cognition and digestion.  Hailey Allen

Detox teas and magic potions. If you stroll the aisles of any local Asian market — C Fresh Market, Double Dragon or the (old) New Oriental Food Store — you’ll see stacks of colorful boxed teas that tout all kinds of restorative powers, often with creative English. “Bye Cough!” “Kidney Strong!” “Male Vitality!” We can’t vouch for the science, but we’re almost certain you’ll enjoy any of the lemony, lemongrassy ginger options that are packaged as tea bags or packets of powder you can simply stir into hot water. It’s a bright, fragrant pick-me-up. — Michael Morain

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