Eric Brockob

lookCreative director of ICON magazine, postproduction specialist, photographer, model

Polk City. “I was delivered on the bathroom floor of my parents’ home. It was the night of the Polk City Fire Department’s Christmas party, (and) they had just concluded a night of partying when they got the call. I was the first baby they had (ever) delivered.”

Favorite animal:
The lion. “To be up close and personal to one on an African safari would be a dream come true. Just not too close, of course.”

“I love nature: camping, fishing, hiking, biking or just lying on dew-covered grass and stargazing. … Any time I can connect with nature and the universe is a good time.”

What makes him laugh:
“I tend to laugh at everything. I often find myself funnier than others do.”

Most recent indulgence:
Ice cream from Picket Fence Creamery, specifically the root beer float and chocolate malt flavors.

What he’s listening to:
Banks, Cherub, Broods and Sia.

Photo by Ben Easter

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