Mercedes Potter

lookMercedes Potter, 26
Designer at 87 Central; owner of Show Me Yours Lingerie

How you describe your style: Minimalist, monochromatic.

The part of your style you’re known for: Wearing black every day.

The piece of clothing or accessory you couldn’t live without: My black-on-black-on-black Cluse watch. It’s perfect for
every outfit.

Your fashion icon: Brittenelle Fredericks. She can rock a tux like no one else.

Any fashion regrets? I bleached all of my hair by myself when I was 18. I ended up with yellow hair for weeks.

Passions: I really enjoy practicing circus/aerial arts; I’m getting ready to run away to the circus any time now. I’m also incredibly passionate about my handmade lingerie line. I spend nearly every night at my sewing table, creating beautiful pieces that I’m super proud of (

Too much in my life: Dog hair.
Not enough: Lint rollers.

Always up for: A good conspiracy theory.
Never up for: Believing the official narrative.

Early for: Literally nothing.
Late for: Literally everything.

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