It’s All About the Dress

Art Director and Photographer: Ben Easter
Stylist: Jessica Miller
Model: Kinzi Jarvis, the Peak Agency
Hair: Brianne Laws
Makeup: Lindsay Kaven
Postproduction: Eric Brockob
Location: The Stone Shop, Ankeny
Interior Design: Amanda Reynal
Special Thanks: Chad Briles

Mia Solano wedding dress with lace overlay ($3,500 at Dornink Couture).
Tiered pearl and rhinestone necklace ($68 at Dornink).
Pearl drop earrings ($16 at Dornink).
Round pearl and rhinestone bracelet ($403 at Schaffer’s).

Blusher veil ($75 at Bridal Boutique)

Pronovias “BB Collection” wedding dress ($2,200 at Bridal Boutique).

Altelier Pronovias “Elvira” wedding dress ($5,450 at Schaffer’s).
Rhinestone pearl drop earrings ($288 at Schaffer’s).

Pronovias “Osera” wedding dress
($2,288 at Bridal Boutique).
Bel Aire Bridal rhinestone halo headpiece
($247.50 at Bridal Boutique).
Rhinestone and pearl cuff
($105 at Dornink Couture).

Hayley Paige “Yoko” wedding dress ($5,720 at Schaffer’s).
Rhinestone drop earrings ($160 at Schaffer’s).

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