A New Generation of Foxes

Silver Fox offers fashionable brands for women of all ages. Photograph courtesy of Lacy Brunnette.

When we stopped in Silver Fox recently, we were excited by what we discovered. Mary Langen, who this month took over ownership of the Ingersoll mainstay, has infused the boutique with a fresh vitality that’s sure to be a draw for both longtime and new customers.

Langen has stocked the store with a well-chosen selection of classic and contemporary clothing brands, including Eileen Fisher, White + Warren and Pure Amici, plus distinctive jewelry, Suzi Roher belts and scarves, and other accessories. We also were happy to find a variety of price points.

The store’s well-known founder, Janice Zuckert, opened Silver Fox in 1981, and shortly after she died in 2013, her husband, Alan Zuckert, hired Langen to help manage operations. Now as the owner, Langen says her goals are to maintain Janice’s legacy of quality while also moving the boutique into the future with styles and service that will appeal to women of all ages.

When you go to Silver Fox, it doesn’t take long to realize that Langen is fully engaged in meeting those goals, working to foster strong relationships with her customers. “You’re not a stranger here for long,” Langen says.

In addition to personal styling services, Langen and her team offer closet consultations, help with packing for trips, home delivery of purchases, even staying before or after hours to meet customers’ schedules. “We’ll go above and beyond to make shopping here a convenient, pleasant and fun experience,” she says.

Silver Fox is at 2725 Ingersoll Ave.; for more info, call 515-283-2725 or go to the store’s Facebook page.

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