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Greg Edwards, president and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau, is reading “Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress and Lead by Example” by Steve McClatchy (Wiley, 2014): “This is a very interesting read to those who want to tone and tune their leadership skills. As McClatchy puts it: ‘Management is keeping the things the way they are. … Leadership is moving things forward.’ This book motivates you to ‘decide’ how to get things done in less time, make better decisions for bigger results, and direct your time toward what really matters.”[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”25″ tablet_grid=”25″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”false”]
Todd Ashby, executive director of Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, is reading “Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know” by Jill Geisler (Grand Central Publishing, 2012): “In my years leading a staff, I have found that the most constructive and effective teams are those that are happy. This is an instructive book that provides sound advice on building values as a manager that can be shared with staff to develop a happy, constructive culture. The book offers workshops and evaluations to help guide you and your team.”[/lgc_column][lgc_column grid=”25″ tablet_grid=”25″ mobile_grid=”100″ last=”true”]
Sherri Nielsen, president and CEO of Easter Seals Iowa, is reading “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Bessel A. van der Kolk (Viking, 2014): “The author presents information about how the brain processes trauma and the effects on the entire body. Trauma plays a large part in a person’s mental health.  Many times people may not even remember the trauma, but the trauma they experienced changes how they respond to life’s daily events. The book shares patient stories that keep you engaged and help you understand the importance of mental health, supports after trauma, and the long-lasting impact trauma has on our society, including our workforce.”[/lgc_column]

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