Tacos Good Enough For A Party

Street tacos from Tacos Degollado are prepared quickly and are among the “best I’ve found in town,” Karla Walsh writes.

Writer: Karla Walsh

On Taco Tuesday or any day—well, besides Sunday when they’re closed—head to one of my favorite places to get tacos, 
Tacos Degollado. These are among the best I’ve found in town, and the price is right, too. Tacos are $2 to $2.50 for a two-ply tortilla overflowing with delightfully seasoned protein (steak, pork, chicken, fish, tripe, tongue, shrimp, birria and more are among the options), plus copious fresh toppings and all the salsa you’d ever desire.

The kicker: They serve them incredibly fast. I thought Tacos Degollado only served enough to fuel individual solo snackers, families and midday lunch break work crews that swing by. But a friend told me that you can come bearing a sheet pan, and they will gladly fill it up to the brim with a party-sized batch of tacos.

I admit that I was hesitant to believe this could be true, but what a delightful way to feed a crowd if it were. So I arrived a couple of weeks ago at an “off” time so they wouldn’t feel rushed, two sheet pans and cash in hand, and asked for 25 asada (steak) and 25 pastor (pork) tacos, with all toppings on the side. They were happy to fill the order, so I paid and went back to my car—imagining it would be about a 30-minute wait. Five minutes later, a staffer strolls out with both foil-covered, fully loaded sheet pans ready to go. Another team member followed with grocery bags full of takeout containers jampacked with onions, cilantro, fried jalapenos, sauteed peppers and dozens of individual salsa containers.

Everyone at the party had more than enough to eat, we didn’t have to cook, and I was even more in love with Tacos Degollado. So pro tip: Bring cash. Tip generously. Then depart with a plate or a sheet pan full of goodies. Add a side salad (might I recommend Grade A Gardens watermelon masterpiece?) and margaritas, if desired. Your dinner menu for a crowd of a few is solved.

Tacos Degollado is located at 1817 University Ave. and open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Find them on Facebook to see the full menu, including much more than tacos.

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