The looks for this year's holiday season sparkle with glitz, glam and razzle-dazzle.

Bashes are back, with cocktail hours, dinner parties and soirees of every kind filling the holiday calendar. For now, micro and socially distanced shindigs are gone (but not forgotten—wash your hands!), and we’re getting ready to gather again. 

Every action has a reaction, and so in defiance of the bare-faced-limp-hair-stretchy-pants-work-from-home era emerges the next big thing: the “night luxe” aesthetic. Channeling New York City speakeasies and midnight indulgences, the trend is currently informing the evening scene—and filling social feeds. 

Night luxe is all about making a statement with sleek hair, glam outfits and glitzy makeup. Think Roaring ’20s era—fringy bobs, embellishments, red lips—but with smartphones and posing with dirty martinis in the hotel bar. 

To help you get started, Salon Spa W put together the latest looks in hair, makeup and accessories that you’ll find on this and the following pages. We promise you’ll not only be inspired but also ready to socialize, seek new adventures, and be merry as all get-out.

Artistic Direction, Hair and Makeup: Salon Spa W Artistic Team
Photography: Justin Salem Meyer
Modeling Agency: The Peak Agency
Accessories: Leona Ruby
Models: Randi Estabrook, Caleb Mosier, Lu Spaine, Mekhi Bianchini, Sarah Beauregard

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