Serve Up Style

Produced and Written by Sharon Hatten

Stash away that stodgy cheeseboard you received as a wedding gift and the humdrum glass platter you never even liked. Inspired entertaining is yours with these artfully designed serving pieces.

Nambe Heritage Pebble double dip server ($250 at Josephs Jewelers in West Des Moines). That’s double dip, as in two tiers; not double dipping, which is, as always, strictly prohibited.

Nambe Heritage Pebble oval tray ($200 at Josephs Jewelers in West Des Moines). Martinis nestled on an oval tray—so much more interesting than chestnuts roasting over an open fire, don’t you agree?


Mariposa embossed leaf metal serving tray ($118 at Letter Perfect in West Des Moines). Now you know where you can mound all those olives before they plop into the aforementioned martinis.

Circular linked metal tray (detail above) with handles ($136 at Kenilworth House in Urbandale). Your good taste will no longer be in question, but was it ever?

Handcrafted nickel-plated ruffle bowl ($219 at Kenilworth House in Urbandale). Ruffles are always in fashion, although I try to avoid them in my hip area, if you know what I mean.

Nambe Heritage Pebble bowl, 15 inches ($350 at Josephs Jewelers in West Des Moines). A bowl so beautiful it’s almost wrong to put something in it.

Stainless steel open shaft accent bowl ($189 at Kenilworth House). Has anyone seen the stainless steel sculpture by David Lee Brown near the entrance to the Ann Arbor Public Library? Google it.

Michael Aram Sleepy Hollow nickel-plated salad set ($89 at Josephs Jewelers in West Des Moines). If these two pieces don’t make you get rid of your plastic spoons and forks, nothing will.

Hand-antiqued stainless steel and 24-karat gold-plated leaf cocktail fork (detail above) ($98 for a set of four at Kenilworth House in Urbandale). I could easily slide these forks into my purse, but I’m a good guest and I want to be invited back.

Julia Knight classic salad set ($100 at Josephs Jewelers).

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