Readers React – Jan/Feb 16

Sages Over 70
Wow, what an event Sages Over 70 was. I could not believe the number of people there. I feel like I talked to at least half of them.
Phil Dorweiler
P.S. Another idea: What about an event in the next few years called Sages Over 100? I will apply in 10 years.

My wife, Deb Wiley, and I truly enjoyed the Sages Over 70 event at The Temple for Performing Arts. Great venue, great food and drink, wonderful video and excellent remarks by all of the speakers. We know three of those who were honored, and we were thrilled to see them recognized in this manner.
John Schmidt

Des Moines Diversity
I want to congratulate you on the November/December edition for capturing in print and images the diversity of the Des Moines experience. … As a retired Methodist minister, I particularly enjoyed learning about the breadth and depth of religious diversity in our community and (reading) the “Pint-sized Pop-Up” piece about Kylee and Kenzie Hu. Finally, thank you for devoting space to “Upon this Rock,” our effort to continue the social mission of Trinity United Methodist Church into the 21st century.
J. Robert Burkhart

Thank you for your article on religious diversity in the November/December issue. As a longtime resident of Des Moines, I was unaware of these diverse communities. Bob Blanchard’s photography is amazing and captures the uniqueness and beauty of each religion. Iowa has a strong history of welcoming refugees and supporting diversity. I have no doubt this article and the book to follow will create more understanding and awareness.
Cathy Stjernberg

Wedding Style
I always look forward to my dsm magazine and the November/December issue did not disappoint. From the moment I saw the black and white cover photo featuring stylish weddings, I knew it would be exceptional. The attention to detail from the stylist, to the designer/event planner to the photographer and the models—they didn’t miss a thing. What a team! It was your very best, ever!
Lynne Rittler

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