Relationships Are Everything

christine-5-13Roosevelt was spot on. The relationships we at dsm have built over the past 13 years with our contributors, sources and readers are at the core of every decision we make. That engagement enables us to deliver relevant local information and insights not found elsewhere (and not dependent on the number of “clicks” a story is expected to generate), whether the article focuses on a critical issue our community faces or showcases the intriguing and dynamic people, places and things that keep our city perched atop all those “best of” lists.

Our medium—a glossy, beautifully designed publication—reinforces our connection with you, our readers, as do our unveiling parties and other events that typically draw hundreds of people. In our view, a printed magazine and a party sure beat staring at an electronic screen filled with digital content determined by algorithms.

To foster even better communication with our readers, we’re launching a reader advisory board. We’ll gather three times a year for dinner (and drinks!), where our board members will tell us where we went wrong and what we did right, offer their ideas and share their insights. If you’d be interested in being a part of the board or if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you:

In the meantime, enjoy the issue you have in your hands—and the exceptionally exciting summer coming up. If you remember, as I do, summer in Des Moines as a slow, lazy time with little to offer other than trips to the public pool, snap out of it! Thanks to the Des Moines Arts Festival, Art Week Des Moines, the newly revamped Wonder of Words Festival, Des Moines Metro Opera’s season, 80/35 and so much more, summer in the city has become that much hotter.

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