In the Bag – May/Jun 16

Ian Miller


inthebag1Hand Crafted: I never found a bag that had a simple enough style for me—I like a single flap—so I made this one myself about four years ago. It’s hand-stitched and made out of leather.

Helping Hand: Most of the artifacts I gather are utilized in my work. The icon of a hand has been part of a long-standing project. Right now, I have mannequin hands all over the house; they can serve as a prop and showcase the utility of things.

Book It: I always carry a book for intellectual fodder. I’ve been studying mythology lately and read Joseph Campbell’s “Flight of the Wild Gander” before this one. I shop at Beaverdale Books.

In the Cards: I recently returned to the tarot deck to divine insight. Each card tells a story and has its own meaning. Today, I drew the moon card, which has to do with how you incorporate your personal fantasies into your life.

Tea Time: I buy all my tea at Gong Fu. This is a vial of milk oolong tea.

Something Scented: Oil just helps me stay fresh. This is my personally blended oil of patchouli, Texas cedarwood and bergamot.

inthebag2Creative Calling Card: I carry “The Nitch” (the leather-bound book at the top of the photo) so I can show people what it is and what I do; otherwise, the project can be hard to explain. Currently we’re working on the e-reader and audio versions of the project. These versions will be released this year. (To read more about “The Nitch,” click here and scroll down a bit.)

Take Note: I carry a notepad so I can jot down ideas as they come into my head. I get my notebooks at Domestica.

Rock Solid: The stone helps me stay grounded—and can be useful for particularly nasty bullies.

20/20: I found these reading glasses and case in Galena, Illinois, although I typically shop local.

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