Dan Koenig Reveals His 5 Favorite Patio Spots

Writer: Andrea Love
Photographer: Duane Tinkey

When Dan Koenig isn’t customizing bikes for his customers, you’ll likely find him on a bike trail—or near one. Koenig, owner of Ichi Bike in the East Village and Highland Park Ichi Bike Garage, tells us his favorite patio stops along the metro’s trails for a relaxing refresher of food or drink.

1. Captain Roy’s is at Birdland Marina in Union Park, right on the trail. The people there are awesome, and they have good food. They have great outdoor seating next to the river and provide live music.

2. Triangle Tap on MLK and Douglas. It’s a little off the trail but still pretty close. They have a cozy atmosphere and nice outdoor seating—and Wednesdays are pork chop dinner night.

3. Slow Down Coffee Shop is a little off the beaten trail. It’s on Sixth Avenue, up the bike trail and into Highland Park. They have great coffee, and I love the area.

4. Cumming Tap is located in the little town of Cumming. I’m allergic to alcohol, so my favorite drink there is ginger ale mixed with lemonade. I love their patio and how it’s right along the trail.

5. The Chicken is on that same trail going out to Cumming. I like their chicken, and it’s the only chicken shack on that route.

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