Smart Choices, Smart Style

Custom touches distinguish a downtown townhome.

Looming Heirlooms

Young adults are declining the burden of old family treasures. Now what?

Summerize Your Home

Designers offer ways to bring the season into your home’s decor.

Woodland Retreat

An architect and an artist spent years planning, designing and building their contemporary home ...

All In the Details

An interior designer’s early entry into a home-building project results in a richly nuanced ...

Vintage Vantage Point

Des Moines couple embraces architectural stewardship in restoring an 1800s Victorian home.


Above: Gentlemen always find a comfortable environment as well as smart clothing at Badowers, ...

Windows on the World

A distinctive Southern Hills home combines midcentury-modern architecture and 21st-century decor.

‘Fairy Forest’

A whimsical cottage forms the centerpiece of an enchanting backyard.

From Old to Bold

South of Grand home is transformed over 12 years of vision and labor.