dsm Nov/Dec 2018

Wedding Food Trends

Couples embrace everything from global cuisine to ‘spherification.’

Then, Now and Forever

Each issue of dsm magazine includes photos of recent newlyweds that we publish with ...

Not Your Grandmother’s Valley Junction

This once-sleepy shopping district is experiencing a revival that may bode well for holiday ...

On the Right Track

Visionary leader Chuck Current is guiding the Social Club into a more sustainable—and bold—future.

Doing Good In the Digital Age

Local Nonprofits Up Their Technology Game to Make a Bigger Impact

Break It Down

Dedicated dance teacher helps kids build confidence, step by step.

Monochrome: A Quest for Less

Portraiture’s focus is on single-shade subjects.

Bridesmaids, Unexpected

These days, it’s an anything-goes world when it comes to attendant apparel. Donning everything ...

Look – Nov/Dec 18

Benjamin Spellman Yoga Instructor Age: 37 How you would describe your style: Chill and earthy. The part of your style you’re known for: My dreadlocks and for not ...

Creating a Sense of Place

Urban designer Dennis Reynolds’ public art bridges the gap between community and culture.