dsm Nov/Dec 2018

Wedding Food Trends

Couples embrace everything from global cuisine to ‘spherification.’

Not Your Grandmother’s Valley Junction

This once-sleepy shopping district is experiencing a revival that may bode well for holiday ...

On the Right Track

Visionary leader Chuck Current is guiding the Social Club into a more sustainable—and bold—future.

Doing Good In the Digital Age

Local Nonprofits Up Their Technology Game to Make a Bigger Impact

Break It Down

Dedicated dance teacher helps kids build confidence, step by step.

Monochrome: A Quest for Less

Portraiture’s focus is on single-shade subjects.

Bridesmaids, Unexpected

These days, it’s an anything-goes world when it comes to attendant apparel. Donning everything ...

Look – Nov/Dec 18

Benjamin Spellman Yoga Instructor Age: 37 How you would describe your style: Chill and earthy. The part of your style you’re known for: My dreadlocks and for not ...

Creating a Sense of Place

Urban designer Dennis Reynolds’ public art bridges the gap between community and culture.